The idea:
Go handmade was developed in collaboration with fantastically passionate "handcraft women". Knitters and crocheters who with their hands and great diligence create the finest, sweetest, and magical things. Together, we have had many ideas. We have "failed" our way forward and tried again and again until the sweetest Teddy bear has become absolutely perfect. It is in this collaboration that we have found inspiration and skills to develop a concept at the highest level - a concept that some call world-class. The vision in the start-up phase was to be attractive to the whole world - and today we have proven that we have succeeded.

Expressive designs based on patterns, where the time needed to make the patterns good has been used, are Go handmade's trademark. It can be a time-consuming process to transform a creative idea into a superb pattern - endless details, the eternal pursuit of beautiful and fun images, and last but not least, the graphic skills.

As the only one in the world, Go handmade has developed a large and unique accessory collection. We produce everything from scratch.